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Posted by Vanessa Alfonso on May 9, 2016 10:15:24 AM

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It should come as no surprise that, today, video and content are being integrated. We have YouTube to thank for that, proving that consumers strongly engage and respond to video content. While text will keep its place in the content world, integrating short video clips into your content can boost its engagement. But what if we told you it also helps your Florida SEO by using video? The time to use video content to your advantage has arrived, and here's how.

Create Content that Connects

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Created content is ruled by its ability to connect consumers to your website and 70% of what people experience is through what they hear and what they see. This is why commercials can bring someone to tears in a 30 second time frame. Statistics show that more and more traffic volume is driven by video content, which in turn helps your SEO ranking. According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. 

Branding and Marketing Efforts

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"Because video is such a compelling medium, it can both be the driver and centerpiece of branding efforts."

GoPro is the perfect example of video content that has succeeded in branding and marketing their products. But they aren't the only ones. Advertising agencies in Miami for fashion, Foodies, and cosmetics have all joined in the video content world, optimizing their consumers experience for each part of their journey. Thus, creating a stronger loyalty based on the transparency idea given by video. However, local SEO agencies are still working on how to curate video for their content and as the year progresses more companies will start to shift toward the media medium. 

User Engagement Period 

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It can be tricky to engage consumers through video content, especially if you're trying to increase your social media marketing in Miami. Your video has to load quickly and be to-the-point, otherwise you risk boring consumers, or worst, losing their attention. Unlike blogging or content offers, videos are made to be time-efficient and straight forward because there's a thin line between keeping their attention or missing it. According to a study cited by CNN, consumers give up on video content if it doesn’t load in two seconds. This is something that every Miami SEO company needs to focus on, whether it's in their social media marketing, ads, or blogs. 

Alternately, when a user has a smooth experience it can create a domino affect to further appealing videos, which can create a longer user-engagement period and higher video SEO. 


There are a handful of ways to implement video into your content and help your SEO Miami ranking. It is the best opportunity to show your company's face and personality, show consumers something new and provide solutions to their problems. The higher quality your video and the better your ability to help consumers understand what they are searching for, the more likely they are to look through your website and trust your brand. These are all things Google and YouTube take into consideration when ranking the legitimacy of your content and website which is why we've created a quick checklist of ways to Rock your Video content and SEO. 


Download How to Create Video Content That Rocks Your SEO 


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