Why Inbound Marketing for IT Companies Makes Sense

Posted by Richard Dimarco Barea on Feb 3, 2014 10:00:32 AM

Why Inbound Marketing Is a Great Fit for Tech Companies

I am surprised more tech companies aren’t using inbound marketing. To me, it seems like such a natural fit. Tech company buyers consume even more online information (14.8 pieces versus 10 for the average buyer) in the process of researching their buying decision. In addition, the purchase cycle is long. Most tech buyers take between 4 and 6 months to make a purchase (see the graph below, courtesy of Google). If the average buyer gets 60% of the way through the sales process before they are willing to engage with a salesperson, then that means tech buyers spend 2.5 to 3.5 months self-educating. It is during this time period that companies win or lose business.

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