How a Social Media Influencer Strategy Helped Generate 31K Leads in a Weekend

Posted by Vanessa Alfonso on Nov 1, 2016 10:11:00 AM

Building a new brand isn’t only about how many people you can reach with your content or how innovative your parties are. For many consumers today, becoming loyal customers requires a certain amount of transparency from companies. These are aspects of your Inbound Marketing campaign to consider when deciding who you’re targeting and how you will connect with them on a personal level.


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Inbound Marketing Facebook Lead Ads: The PrimeRaw Story

Posted by Vanessa Alfonso on Oct 3, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Have you ever heard the saying "stick to what you're good at?" Your business is your calling and unless that passion is business-to-business marketing or public relations, it's likely that you'll need help getting started. But you shouldn't be spending money without any real guarantee on return on investment. Yea, I started with the big marketing term. 

As experts in the field of Inbound Marketing, we've seen our fair share of mistakes, from friends starting a new business venture to clients admitting they don't know what else to do. Thankfully, that's what we're good at - helping others be successful.  

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How to Find Customers on Facebook

Posted by Richard Dimarco Barea on Oct 16, 2014 10:49:53 AM

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8 Ways to get More Facebook Likes

Posted by Richard Dimarco Barea on Oct 11, 2014 6:23:38 PM

Nothing says that your organization cares about it's customer than launching a social media community page. But most businesses have a tough time getting their existing customers and new potential customers to like their page. Therefore we thought we'd share our Facebook Growth cheat sheet:

  1. Send an invitation to your E-mail List
  2. Invite a Day 1 Visitor to your Social Page
  3. Invite a Day 30 Vistor to your Social Page
  4. Advertise to a Customer Based Lookalike Audiences
  5. Advertise to Website Visitor Lookalike Audiences
  6. Advertise to a Page Lookalike Audiences
  7. Marketing to Single Interest
  8. Mix of Lookalikes, Interests and Behavior

Using all 8 methods simultaneously will cause a major impact and have your business facebook page going from Rookie to Expert in less than 30 days.

Get More Customers with a Social Media Strategy

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Leads, Leads, Leads!

Posted by Richard Dimarco Barea on Jan 4, 2014 3:07:00 PM

It's 2015 and one thing has not changed----The Need for Leads (pun not intended)!

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