The Ultimate SEO Checklist for Your Miami Marketing Strategy

Posted by Jon Belgrad on Apr 1, 2015 12:10:00 PM


Advertising agencies in Miami are all talking about SEO (search engine optimization) these days.  And that makes sense, considering the role SEO plays in organic marketing campaigns.   Don't forget the foundation of inbound marketing lies within SEO.  But it is also important to remember that there is more to inbound marketing than SEO.  If done correctly, the two should work harmoniously to help you create a powerhouse of a marketing campaign. Click for access to the 'Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Checklist' allowing you to audit and plan your annual SEO strategies right now, or keep reading below to get a better understanding of the Ultimate SEO Checklist in order to increase the impact of your Miami marketing campaigns:


1. Create Buyer Personas

It is important to understand your target market. Here is a great post describing how to build buyer unique personas. By understanding your target market, you can gear your content towards them (i.e. choosing good keywords...see below)

2. Pick Keywords with Good Miami SEO Rankings

Be sure to take into account the number of searches and the level of competition for each word. Diversify your keywords with a healthy mix of both highly competitive/searched and less competitive/searched keywords. Don't forgot Key Phrases! Take into consideration phrases which your buyer personas may be searching in search engines (i.e 'Miami Search Engine Optimization' is a phrase someone looking for this blog may enter).  Understand that certain things rank higher in different parts of the country. By creating specific buyer personas, you should be able to understand where you target market is.

3. Use Keywords in Social Media


Use social media accounts to drive traffic to blog posts, landing pages with offers, and other site pages.
Don't forget, keep on using keywords! Check out this social media guide that all Florida SEO company should be using.

4. Create Blogs with Keywords

Create content aimed towards informing and educating your target market. Make sure to use keywords in all your content.

5. Use Keywords on Site/Landing Pages

Keyword placement is imperative to Miami search engine optimization. Use as often as possible: Headline, Headers, URL, Image Alt Tags, Hyperlinks, and Meta Descriptions. Google SEO crawlers prioritize content higher up in the body paragraphs.  Use keywords early and often! Be sure to write content for readers first and high SEO will evolve naturally from this.

6. Optimize Your Preview Section


This is your only chance for a great first impression! Put in the extra effort to make it attractive with a good image, meta description, and URL. These are also great places to use your keywords to increase your SEO and get you to the top of that search list.

7. Recruit Guest Bloggers

If you have thought leaders who work in your office, ask them to write a guest blog post on the topic of their expertise. Make sure employees share everything on social media. Not only does this increase the traffic to your content, but search engine crawlers put high value on links leading to your content from outside sources. 


8. Create Links to Your Other Content

Link to previous blog posts to increase traffic to other site pages. For example, check out this blog post here about increasing your SEO in Miami via social media. Use keywords as anchor text.

9. Create Links to Other Sites

If it is relevant, use it! Give a little, take a little.  Authors will appreciate you sharing their content and will hopefully share something of yours in return. In this race to the top of Miami marketing, the more outside links to your content, the better your ranking will be! While I like to consider myself the Miami search engine optimization expert, I do realize there are plenty of other people out there who know what they're talking about too. Be sure to check out this great post describing how to implement keywords into your content without making it appear that you are trying to hard.

10. Analyze Your SEO Strategy Monthly

Create, publish, promote, analyze, is a cycle! Always look to please buyer personas, pleasing the search engines will come naturally.

Ready to start planning your Miami inbound marketing strategy? Start with our free 'Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Checklist' to increase organic traffic to your website immediately! 


The purpose of increasing your SEO is to reach more people. Don't overstuff your content with keywords.  Real people will read your content so write it for them, don't write it for the search engines.  By doing so, you will create quality content which your readers will appreciate.  This content will naturally rank high in SEO with just a little bit of tinkering. Do you think more emphasis should be put on readers or search engine crawlers? I would love to hear you opinion, if you'd like to share, please comment below.

The Ultimate SEO Checklist [Free Download]

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