The Jerry Maguire Guide to Social Media Marketing

Posted by Richard Dimarco Barea on Jan 13, 2015 6:32:00 PM


Most marketers are focusing on getting the maximum reach from their inbound strategies & social media messages by evaluating factors like:

  • copy content
  • day of delivery 
  • time of delivery 
  • link and image additions

While every digital marketer has their go-to best practices on how to create viral content we felt it was important to give you the FACTS about what works and what doesn't work. Our friends at have created an awesome infographic that 'shows us the money....errrrr....quantitative studies" that even Jerry Maguire can be proud of. But first let's address the 6 Myths:

MYTH: Most Content Sharing Happens on Facebook & Twitter

MYTH: Consumers Click on Social Links Evenly

MYTH: Content with Shortened URLs have Similar Lifespans

MYTH: Content Peaks Over the Weekend

MYTH: Millenials (by demographic) Share the Most Content

MYTH: Facebook Offers the Best Referral Traffic


As you can see some of the best social media marketing best practices are intuitively wrong and that is why a focus on quantitative factors and data should be primary characteristic of selecting a social media agency to run your campaigns. After all if the 4 year old kid in Jerry Maguire put an emphasis on numbers, shouldn't you?


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