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Posted by Vanessa Alfonso on Oct 3, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Have you ever heard the saying "stick to what you're good at?" Your business is your calling and unless that passion is business-to-business marketing or public relations, it's likely that you'll need help getting started. But you shouldn't be spending money without any real guarantee on return on investment. Yea, I started with the big marketing term. 

As experts in the field of Inbound Marketing, we've seen our fair share of mistakes, from friends starting a new business venture to clients admitting they don't know what else to do. Thankfully, that's what we're good at - helping others be successful.  

The Business Struggle


PrimeRaw Photography was founded by passionate Photography Duo, Liz and Carol, whom specialize in early year and toddler lifestyle and family photography. Like so many new businesses the struggle faced by this dynamic duo was securing enough new clients so that they could focus on their business full time! 

New businesses take a lot of time, effort and strategy planning to be sustainable. So the challenge most entrepreneurs face is juggling their careers with their new business venture. These are the most important stages of your new brand. Taking the time to develop it or consulting with a specialist in Marketing and Public Relations sets you in the right direction. 


The Strategy


Every company has different needs at any given time, the challenge for marketers is identifying what will bring the best results while solving the clients issue. Our solution for PrimeRaw Photography was to offer a combination of Facebook Lead Ads with a Social Media Contest to win a Lifestyle Family Photoshoot with Instagram Awareness Ads that gave the target persona an option to call PR directly. Facebook Lead Ads were used quite successfully and generated over 50 leads a month for them. 


Every company has different needs at any given time, the challenge for marketers is identifying what will bring the best results


Because photography is image based and strongly influenced by memories and emotion, an image based campaign on Facebook and Instagram would highlight the passion of Liz and Carol in conjunction with mother's.  

We focused on offering three different campaign offers. Firstly, a 'Win a Photography Session' social media contest, "Summer Mini Photo Sessions for $99" and general awareness ads on Instagram.


The Target Persona


One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is neglecting to create a target persona. Sometimes, they have an idea of the person they want to target but struggle solidifying that person and incorporating them into their Inbound Marketing strategy. 

PrimeRaw photography knew they wanted to target mothers in Miami with infants or toddlers but struggled highlighting that in their content distribution strategy. 


Before Diving In

Many times, in a desperate attempt to get brand recognition and little time to dedicate to it, new business owners buy expensive advertising in magazines that usually bring little no no results per monetary investment. That's where the art of Inbound Marketing comes in.

Before diving right into Lead Ads and spending money, we had a small trial period where we created 8 different images per Campaign and tested which imagery and wording resonated most with the target market. In some cases, the right image and combination of copy reduced the cost per lead by over 50%.


In some cases, the right image and combination of copy reduced the cost per lead by over 50%.


Setting Goals and Tracking Progress


Setting realistic, attainable, goals and tracking you campaigns progress is vital for any business to succeed. However, it can be expensive to sign up for platforms that give metrics. That's why Facebook Lead Ads and other social media content platforms are your best bet. They offer metrics integrated right into their campaign manager and send leads right to your inbox.   

45 days into the campaign and PrimeRaw Photography has over 60 leads and are currently converting them through a sales process on their route to turning their passion into their business. 



The creative collaboration process between TGA and PrimeRaw was unique because as artists they had a unique vision for the Ad artwork. Keeping true to the creative ideas their brand believes ensures they stay authentic to their customers. 

To get a full grasp on these concepts, download our "Secrets for a Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign" PDF, free.  

Secrets for Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign


PrimeRaw Photography was founded by two good friends, Liz and Carol, who met working as Veterinary technicians at an animal clinic and found out they had many common interests other than their four-legged friends: a special love for photography. With a focus on capturing mostly candid moments, because they believe the best portraits are those that reveal your personality, especially when working with little ones - their sessions can be described as very relaxed and playful.

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