How a Social Media Influencer Strategy Helped Generate 31K Leads in a Weekend

Posted by Vanessa Alfonso on Nov 1, 2016 10:11:00 AM


Building a new brand isn’t only about how many people you can reach with your content or how innovative your parties are. For many consumers today, becoming loyal customers requires a certain amount of transparency from companies. These are aspects of your Inbound Marketing campaign to consider when deciding who you’re targeting and how you will connect with them on a personal level.


Generating Product Awareness and Engagement

Certain businesses, like RSVP Skinnies, have niche target markets. “Skinnies” is a millennial-based 0-calorie all natural cocktail mixer brand based out of Miami, Florida. Their struggles have been generating product engagement and awareness from their target market. After doing events without successfully building a strong social media following or email list that they could market to they decided to contact The Greenside Agency for strategic marketing help.


The Young and Trendy Millennial

rsvp_skinnies_millenial_women_persona_inbound_marketing.jpgSkinnies has two target personas: The female professional millennial ages 21 - 35 and the young and trendy mom, who overlaps in age until about 45 years old. They are both active, highly mobile, highly involved with social media and care about health and happiness.

A well-developed and experienced brand like RSVP Skinnies has a well-rounded and ideal persona set up, so why did they struggle making a connection? So many times, brands will know exactly who they want to target but don’t know how to connect with that person. In this case you really have to put yourself in that persons shoes and think, “Where does my target person get their information from?” Part of the Inbound Marketing strategy includes brainstorming ideas to best reach your persona.


Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

After sitting down with RSVP Skinnies, we created a national multi-channel awareness and lead capture strategy by offering free samples of the product using Facebook Lead Ads and a persona-specific Blogger Influencer Social Media Contest! (Shout out to BlogginMamas)We’ll talk more about this next. With Facebook Lead Ads we were able to capture hundreds of target market early-stage adopters and secured their complete contact information (name, email, address, phone).

Then, we created an email nurturing automation strategy to educate all collected leads about the brand, product and its uses. Thus, giving insight on customer conversion opportunities.

The blogger/influencer product review breakthrough began right around the time millennial’s started entering adulthood - investing in their health and other lifestyle purchases. This breakthrough was found so effective in the bottom stages of the buyers journey, that makeup companies started building relationships with top influencers to review products on their personal social media channels to increase sales and reputation. The sincere expert advice bloggers and influencers offer create a line of trust between the buyer market and the brand. This is why the blogger/influencer strategy was the most successful and captured over 31thousand people in 1 week and exposed the product to over 4 million target customers in the U.S.!


Setting Goals and Tracking Progress

You can see how setting goals is such a crucial part of the Inbound Marketing strategy. Equally important is tracking the progress of each strategy to understand what works best. In this case, because RSVP Skinnies measured results from both the Facebook Lead Ads and email nurturing, they were able to conclude that the blogger/influencer strategy gave the best results. Today, they have a database of over 35 thousand nurtured customers - a huge footprint in the personas they are marketing. The visible demand in the market now able them to negotiate terms with Publix Supermarket chain to carry their product in dozens of cities.



Remember sometimes the key to success depends on your product and target person combination and how you approach it in your marketing strategy. To get a full grasp on these concepts, download our "Secrets for a Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign" PDF, free.  

Secrets for Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign


RSVP Skinnies was founded in Miami, Florida with the mission to offer a healthy alternative to traditional alcoholic cocktails. Today, you can find their products online along with how-to mixology recipes, as well as in select Publix Supermarket stores nation wide.

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