The Inbound Marketing Content Distribution Strategy

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The success of the Internet is due mostly to content, and the success of your content is impacted largely by the Internet. So why is the traffic to your website so low? Popular bloggers say the secret to building up an audience with content is to focus on the 80/20 rule. Where they spend 20% of their time creating content and the other 80% to promoting it. It's time to take a look at your inbound marketing content distribution strategy and start building up a strong network.

Email Marketing


Today, email marketing is still at the top of the pyramid. If you're not making content and deals available to your emailing list, you're ignoring the largest direct audience for this content. 

"91% of survey respondents reported being involved with email marketing on a regular basis—because it's a channel that drives results for their businesses." - The Audience Growth Survey

Email marketing is a great way to call attention to people already interested in your company. Start by analyzing the places where customers are currently engaging with your brand. Then, enhance those experiences and drive interactive engagement with your email campaign. I know you're probably asking, "So how do you create these emailing lists?" Find your contacts on social media.  

Social Media Distribution


Social media is the place to test out your brand, see who your audience is, when they react, and when they lose interest. It's also a great place to start generating leads for your emailing lists. With a wide variety of social media platforms like LikedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, failure is not an option. Place blog posts with strong call to actions that solve problems faced by your audience for a strong conversion rate. 

"There are three main components to any successful social media content strategy: type of content, time of posting and frequency of posting."

For example, you may use the same content but distribute it differently on Instagram than on LinkedIn, given that one is an image based social media platform and the other is information based.  

Social Media Groups

Facebook_group_inbound_marketing_disribution.gifNow that we are talking about using social media for distribution, lets talk about one type of distribution people often forget about, social media groups. These are usually private groups that require a join request. The exclusivity of the groups makes them highly reputable. However, this requires some research. Finding social media groups where you can reach top influencers is going to help you acquire more followers and awareness from people in your niche that aren't part of your network already. 

Social Media Lead Ads


One of the best ways to tap into an audience is by using lead ads. As content marketing started to become more mainstream and widely used, companies started offering services to promote your content to new audiences for a fee. This works especially well since Social media has grown to be a top information source for most people. Using social media ads isn't as expensive as it sounds. You can tailor your ad to a specific price, reach, and on some platforms even by job title. But there is a strategy to it. 


Content distribution is more than social media, email marketing and ad promotion. It’s everything you do to get your content out to a larger audience. That means really tapping into your target audience by sharing their blogs and interacting in groups. Doing this research is going to help you get a stronger reach and target audience when it comes to putting money into your inbound marketing distribution strategy. 

Download our free Fail-Proof Inbound Marketing Campaign to guide you through the process for a strong content distribution and learn when to use which type of strategy. 

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