Facebook vs Linkedin Lead Ads with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Vanessa Alfonso on Aug 2, 2016 11:29:00 PM


So you've decided it's time to invest money in your social media distribution strategy. Before you start creating ads across all social media platforms, it is important to know their individual strengths and benefits. Today, lead advertisement is popular on three platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, each catering to a vast audience with differing needs. So which platform is best for your business? 

Audience Targeting

One of, if not the biggest, differences between Lead Ads on Facebook vs. LinkedIn Ad is the audience targeting options. LinkedIn Ads uses the common demographic and geographic targeting approach, based on job descriptions, age, gender and location- things we are typically used to using to segment an audience into a category. On the other, you have strong psychographic segmentation options, this is common on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, based on other interests and more narrow groups or followings. Why is this important?

Knowing how and what individual platforms to place your ads on and what call to actions that audience to present can make or break your campaign.

Facebook Lead Ads 


One of the best perks of using a Facebook lead ad in your inbound marketing campaign is this great tool called their 'form card'. This is an automatic "landing page," if you will, that you create within the ad where your customer fills out their information without ever leaving the platform. Studies have shown, the sign up form can make or break your lead generation efforts. (Pretty nifty). Then, Facebook gathers all your leads into one place within the ad management tool. 

Apart from the technical differences, the audience on Facebook vs. LinkedIn is as different as night and day. Think about what your audience posts and where they would search for your information. Things to consider is the age range you're targeting and the service you provide. For example, B2B marketers are more successful running campaign ads on LinkedIn vs. Facebook, but a photography company can have more success on Facebook. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Facebook lead ads also give you the option of linking your ad to Instagram.


LinkedIn Lead Ads


As previously mentioned, LinkedIn is a great place to advertise and convert leads for B2B and career related topics. Because the platform is based on building a strong career community, people on the social media platform are seeking information-based material that may solve a problem or give insight.

One advantage LinkedIn has over Facebook is that, because they do demographic and geographic targeting, the process to create your ad is significantly shorter. Also, on LinkedIn, you can drive your audience directly to the desired landing page or website instead of keeping them within the social media platform. 


Without a doubt lead ads have changed the ball game. Facebook lead ads are taking marketing to another level, allowing users to sign up for a newsletter, contest, request more information, or any other gated content without leaving the network. And with easy to use lead ads like the one on LinkedIn, targeting and securing a lead is more accessible than ever.

Make sure you have everything you need to build your inbound marketing strategy and lead ads campaign with our fail-proof plan below.  

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