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Good branding is at the heart of any good business. But what happens if your business has never developed an "identity", or if you’re just starting out? Trying to build a business from scratch can be challenging and sometimes it might even seem unclear where to start. A good branding strategy will make your business model and ideals clear to the market. 

Your brand is your why, the reason your company exists.


Building Altizer Performance Partners


As a new company, your brand has yet to make an impact and its first impression will determine what people think about you and if they can relate with your product. Therefore, when it came to Work and Mindfulness Integration duo Chris and Anne of Altizer Performance Partners, creating a brand image around them was essential. Of course, this differs from brand to brand based on product and how you do business. Their methodology is focused on using Mindfulness Practices to 'integrate' mind, body and spirit components and build efficient teams in Fortune 1000 companies. Their business struggle was defining who they were as a business and reaching the target market through modern technology that they did not know how to use.  

The key deciding factor here is getting a clear understanding of your target market or persona and build your brand around that persons interests. This makes creating a logo, website and choosing which social media platforms to use, easier. 


The Target Persona


This is where you can really apply your brands personality to multiple areas. 

In the case of APP, they have multiple target personas that make up their target market. With the C-suite, CEO's, COO's and CFO's, making up one persona and senior level Human Resources personnel making up the other persona, it was clear that APP had to be creative to identify with both groups. Identifying your persona will help give your brand a voice and essentially an image. The closer your brand looks, feels and acts like a real person the easier it will be to relate to. That's why TGA chose to have Chris and Anne represent the brand APP. Who better to relate to?  



The Strategy

Essentially, the branding strategy was to position Chris and Anne visually as a couple in all imagery and videos contrasting their competitors that focus on showcasing a professional but impersonal corporation type look and feel. Chris and Anne believe in improving the world by creating an integrated Performance and Wellness Executive Coaching Business and together they solidify that idea and their brand.


We built out Buyer Personas based on APP's previous clients through Q&A sessions and internal focus groups. Our strategy was to leverage the buzz on mindfulness in corporate america and position Chris and Anne as the Mindfulness Experts in Executive Coaching by creating an Inbound Marketing Strategy with original content, blogs, articles, eBooks and videos to then distribute the content to the target persona's through linkedin advertisement and their existing professional network that was built over 25 years. 


Setting Goals and Tracking Progress


As a new company, the first thing you want to do is set a goal. But how do you know where to set the bar when you don't know where to start? One of the best pieces of advice we can give is to start low OR do a trial month, like we did with APP. To set the bar for future campaigns, measure engagement and areas for growth TGA and APP did a trial month without any goals to see where the company stood based on the current market target. This really helps develop a presence with your online market and gives the opportunity to create enough content before starting larger campaigns that will cost more to launch. 

Today they are thought leaders in their industry receiving thousands of visitors to their website generate dozens of leads and positioning themselves with all major mindfulness publishing platforms such as Harvard Business Review.



Creating your brand, whether re-branding or for the first time, takes a little time, a little research and an in-depth understanding of how your company operates. Many times you'll have to consult with an in-house marketing specialist or hire someone for help. Thankfully, we've created an easy-to-follow download to get you and your brand on the right path with our "Secrets for a Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign."


Secrets for Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign


Unique, integrated, holistic approaches to performance and wellness for Leaders, Teams and Individuals. Anne and Chris Altizer bring over 30 years experience in business and a unique combination of training and expertise to leaders in organizations large and small seeking optimal, balanced, sustainable results in both personal and professional domains. They work with executives throughout the life cycle-selection, on-boarding, development and managing change. Leveraging the Hogan ® suite of assessments and personal deep experience working with C-suite leaders of global and national organizations. 

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