60 Second Guide to Social Media Strategy

Posted by Richard Dimarco Barea on Mar 18, 2015 1:24:00 PM


Things have changed! The way you create a social media strategy has evolved significantly since MySpace was toppled by Facebook over 10 years ago. Today, modern marketers should be atuned to buzz words and platforms like Snapchat, Meerkeat, Memes and Selfies! From Miami to NewYork City it's time to get excited because it's time to update your social media strategy!

Now you have multiple channels with different metrics, audiences and opportunities. But the basis of communicating your brand and developing relationships with prospects and customers has seen a bigger shift recently to using 'intelligent' strategy workflows. According to Unmetric, the new method has a 6 step cycle that creates a shift to integrating competitive intelligence and content analysis for refined ideation in the marketing process. 

Traditional Social Media Strategy

It used to be so simple. We had an idea and posted it on Social Media. We saw what people wrote back, heck we may have even written something in return and then created more content hoping for better results!


Fig. 1 - Unmetric. listen, publish, analyze.

Modern Social Media Strategy

Things have changed (did we say that already?) and in a good way! Now you integrate an analytical perspective that allows you to really create social media posts that have a higher chance of engagement with your audience. The additions come in the form of tapping into what your competition is doing, seeing their results and comparing it with your own to create better content and future social media assets. Using data to determine what content works is key to an inbound marketing strategy.


Fig. 2 - Unmetric. listen, publish, analyze.

The Summary

For those of you that want it in a nice little crib sheet you can copy/paste and print up onto your cork board, here it is:

Step 1 - Create Content
Step 2 - Publish Content
Step 3 - Listen and Analyze
Step 4 - Compare Your Brand Content with Competition
Step 5 - Analyze Any Brand's Social Media Content Effort
Step 6 - Ideate Better Content

Do you like the new intelligent 'social media' workflow? Think something is missing? Fill out your responses in the comments below.

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