4 Best Practices for Building Buyer Personas

Posted by Richard Dimarco Barea on Oct 12, 2014 6:55:43 PM

All of your marketing should revolve around your customers, but who really are your customers? Most first-timers to creating buyer personas usually go wither too specific or too broad and create campaigns that just don't generate the leads that they are expecting. Hence, we decided to offer you some of the best practices we found that generate leads for your organization instantly!

  1. Focus on motives behind behaviors
  2. Keep personas fictional, but still realistic
  3. Choose one primary persona
  4. Tell your persona's story


Paying attention to not just what someone is doing, but why they're doing it will help you better focus on creating content that your target persona's will actually find valuable and make your content remarkable. Neither you or your competitors have a one size fits all customer so it's best to describe your persona's a little broader than the characteristics of a real person you know. Create a persona that will generate you the most leads, all other personas are secondary and should be de-prioritized when coming up with ideas for content, offers and campaigns. When creating a persona it is important to tell a story about them so you can weave these facts into a detailed representation of who they are and what they value.


How to Create Remarkable Buyer Personas [Download Now]

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